F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Diecast Military Challenge Coins

Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Diecast Challenge CoinsThe F-35 Joint Strike Fighter(JSF) was the 6th aircraft in my unique diecast challenge coin collection. When I decided to do this aircraft it didn’t make since to just do one like all the others in this collection. Just like the rest, I always do a lot of research before I decide to do each one. With this one I figured it would make more sense if I did three different variants just like the actual aircraft. So, I made three versions with the tail markings for AF-01, BF-01 and CF-01. These were the original three prototypes that were made by Lockheed Martin.

 The F-35 has three main models; the F-35A is a conventional takeoff and landing variant, the F-35B is a short take-off and vertical-landing(STOVL) and the F-35C is a carrier-based variant. They are all single-seat, single-engine, all-weather stealth multi-role fighters. The JSF was originally designed for the US Military to replace the F-16, A-10, F-18 and AV-8B.Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Lightning II Diecast Challenge Coin

The Joint Strike Fighter program, as you can imagine, has been a very costly one for the US government. The US has already ordered over 2400 of these 3 variants combined with a production cost of over $320 Billion. The US is the main backer for the program, but they also initially partnered with 8 other NATO countries. The United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, Canada, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Turkey were the initial countries involved with JSF. You will see that all nine countries’ flags are represented on the bottom of this diecast challenge coin along with the Joint Strike Fighter Lighting II patch.

 This program has been scrutinized a lot for it’s delays in production and run up in cost. This usually happens when new aircraft are designed, and it should be expected more with the JSF because of the major differences between the three variants. My versions are not that expensive and I can guarantee you fast delivery.

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